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We're a Crane, Plant & Machinery Hire company and also operate as specialist recruiters supplying trained CPCS and PTS sentinel qualified operatives to the Railway and Construction Industry.


We've re-launched this year in 2024, with the same aim to work within troubled and disenfranchised backgrounds, but also to work with charities, prisons and colleges and build real, quality work opportunities and improve both industries supplying them qualified and competent worker's. 

We supply candidates who decide to use our services industry training courses, e-learning courses and other courses through our trusted training providers across the UK.  

Our Services

Railway de-vegetation work being done by PTS trained operatives on a mobile tower platform

A Family Run Business

Outstanding Quality

Run by a skilled tradesman who's tasted life as both a recruitment consultant and track operative + construction operative. Joshua Bain formed this business and then, employed friends and family along the way to assist him, but this company was built to form a legacy for generations to come and create business opportunities to all in need and give back to his community. A family owned business trying to make a positive impact in society. 

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