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BA Lifting Operations Ltd

Crane, Plant, Machinery Hire Company also providing high quality trained labour to both the construction and railway industry, a niche recruitment firm. 

Relaunched again now in 2024 with bolder aims of charity works,working with more target groups and within the community more. 

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Joshua Bain

Founder & Director

I originally started this business in 2020 during the lock down to provide meaningful work for my local community and benefits those within my ethnic origin struggling with social issues in construction. The business ran between 2020-2021 and secured good contracts within construction but unfortunately despite having a team at my disposal for ADHOC work, I was left working 2 jobs and running the company full time and it was too much to balance. We've re-launched the business in 09/02/24 with a bigger business model to expand and reach out to the long term unemployed, recruit more women into construction and the railway industry, working with ex offenders and those with criminal records, focusing on the BAEM group and work with prisons, colleges, charities and CIC projects. 

The Business model now includes Crane, Plant & Machinery Hire as well as consultancy, career progression and development programmes, industry related courses through accredited trainers, e-learning courses run from our website, and the planning and execution full Crane lifting operations on the railway or a construction site from the start and finish of a project. We offer trained 360 Machine operators along with our 360 excavator machines and have the same package for our crane rental, providing trained and qualified crane operators. All CPCS qualified. 

ShaShaLondon Ltd

Supporting Business

ShaSha London have always prided themselves on being community based business and with a willingness to work closely with other businesses who their the same values with, so it was no coincidence they decided to team up with BA Lifting Operations Ltd and support us with free marketing and spreading word the nature of our business to the local community.  BA Lifting Operations Ltd are a great business run by a remarkable man, we support their journey and will continue to keep a close eye on them, and their exciting projects in the future for the local and wider community. 

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Chione White

Admin and Business Development 

Chione White was a key member of the team when BA Lifting Operations Ltd was initially set up in 2020, she worked tirelessly as our admin and business development lead along with other members to help build leads within the industry and work to build up this family built business and help her community.  She worked on a temporary basis and in her own words  said " I thoroughly enjoyed working at BA Lifting Operations Ltd, wit was a good opportunity to help my elder cousin with his company but also learn more about a new industry and interact with clients and build new relationships. I am proud of the direction the company is now heading into as it was relaunched last month. Joshua is keen to get more women, long term unemployed, neurodivergent and disabled individuals into work as well as focus on empowering and educating his own ethnic community and providing good work opportunities. He's got charity works, CIC projects, crowd-fundraising and potential work with colleges and prison the pipeline. I wish him all the best, and if he ever needs some ADHOC temp work, he knows where to find meas I'll try squeeze in the time to support him again." 

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