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'Good rising folks'

"I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to Joshua. I am beneficiary of the one on one focused, career development program service he offers. He was quick to identify the challenges I had and shared his knowledge of the construction industry and ways that I could achieve my goals. We agreed on a plan of action with specific time frames. He is dependable at following up with calls about my progress in the timescales we set.

To me Joshua's support felt like a joint venture.

This approach afforded me the opportunity to move through my target courses, I was able to do a railway maintenance course and CPCS Crane Operator Course, all of which I was procrsastinating about for a long time.

Joshua's support has been tailored to my  needs and with outstanding outcomes. With his input I have a personal profile, I have an expanded CV and targeted personal career development outline for myself. His exceptional development services have catapulted my confidence and my finances greatly.

I would highly recommend folks to use his services. 

Again thanks Joshua"



Josepth - A CPCS Slinger/Singaller, who we managed to secure a job for the next day, also progressed onto become a CPCS TCO and PTS Sentinel qualified Railway Operative through the services of BA Lifting Operations Ltd.


"I would like to take the time to express my gratitude towards Joshua Bain for the support he's shown me. I reached out to him for his consultation and career development business programme. I have to say it's been nothing short of A1 !

What started as a message and simple phone call turned into him putting me in contact with the right people which resulted in me getting my first job as red card CPCS Slinger/Signaller in 24 hours of our consult, which I was struggling to do for myself initially. 


Joshua also got me onto some other courses that opened doors for me in railway industry; which I'll be taking advantage of this Christmas and new year's on the rail doing shift premium paid shift work. 

Whether it's phone calls, messages revision materials, contacts, personal career development plans, Joshua's support and input has been invaluable to me. I'm now on my NVQ Level 2 as a CPCS Slinger/Signaller and whilst it's easier to find jobs for myself now, any questions or problems I may have are quickly addressed if I reach out to him. 

This ongoing support is something I value as I thrive to reach heights in the lifting and railway industry. I highly recommend Joshua Bain's consulting and career services for anyone seeking exceptional support and a professional approach to career development." 


Paul - A CPCS Slinger/Signaller who with us went onto complete his NVQ Level 2 in Lifting Operations as a Slinger/Signaller. We were also able to source Paul a job within the same week. He's now flourishing as a confident Slinger on site and keen to do further courses he regularly consults with us still. 

Paul Komolafe

"Guys I want to us to always be polite and friendly at work, whilst still being firm with the rules. My encounter with Joshua was a memory I will never forget.

My first day on site seeing this young man, my instinct told me straight, I mean you could see it ! This guy is great ! He easily got along with everyone and you could tell he spends a significant time doing most of the crane lifts, playing a prominent role.


Meanwhile I just stood there observing like a spectator. The way he keeps his composure you would think he's working for the sub contracted company not through an agency.


If you are reading this I am serious, I was compelled to asked for his number to call which is a normal trend for most of us within the lifting industry, making connections on site.


We've spoken on the phone regularly and he's given me advice on lifting calculations and safety aspects within lifting via message and through his WhatsApp and Telegram work groups. Joshua you are a good man to have remembered me as a devoted Slinger from our days working at Keltbray together in central London.


I greet you bro, God Bless you once again. God will bless you richly Joshua you've added value to my life and that of my family.

Honestly, your job group on WhatsApp is the only group I've benefited from. It's amazing how technology has positively impacted our lives today." 


Edward - Slinger who progressed onto becoming a Tower Crane Operator. He benefited from our consultations and career advice.



"PSA! Just want to say guys when I previously worked for BA Lifting, @ (London Dock, Gate 6, Pennington Street, E1W 2BD, 24/07/21) it was easily the best agency I've for in London. My current job is outside of London, but when I return I'd definitely be looking to get work from Joshua's agency again. All issues were handled promptly, new, branded PPE was issued before I started and overall BA Lifting is one of the good ones ! Just wanted to put that out there. Keep up the good work Joshua !" 


Ashley -  A Crane Supervisor, who took up work with us on a Tier 1 project within central London.

Ashley Williams

"My experience with BA Lifting Operations Ltd was exceptional. They placed me into my first role ever as a Slinger/Siganeller, Joshua went out of his way to train me up beyond my a40 CPCS course. He worked through different examples of slinging methods and then also how I should bank/direct the crane correctly over the radio. I was always paid on time, with a payslip, time-sheet, he even wrote me out a formal covid excemption business letter for covid, to enable me to work throughout the lock down period in the UK. This enabled me to be able to still make a regular income. He checks in on me regularly 4 years on and still gives me free advice. 


Mustafa- Came into construction with little experience, he worked for us directly as an employee and did an excellent job and the client were very fond of him and his willingness to learn. He was BA Lifting Operations first employee. 4 years on he is a confident Slinger working doing tunnelling work on HS2. 

Mustafa Abdillahi

Mustafa Full PPE BA Lifting Operations.jpg

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